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Our Business

Callisto provides consultancy, expert engineering services and undertakes research and development in the field of satellite communications, principally for ground stations.

Callisto's main office is located near Toulouse, France where we have laboratories equipped with radiofrequency instruments and cryogenic test facilities. Callisto also has engineers working in Germany, Italy and UK.


Callisto is a leading supplier for Deep Space communications (e.g. probe missions to Mars, Venus), radio astronomers and specialist satellite communications, where ultra-sensitive receive amplifiers are required. This ultra-low noise performance is achieved by cryo-cooling the amplifier, to leverage superconducting properties of the key electronic components. Applied to antenna from 9m to 35m in diameter, the increased amplifier performance can reduce antenna build costs by up to 50% (savings running into the millions of Euros). Callisto’s unique designs reduce maintenance and running costs.

Our Quality Policy

Callisto applies procedures based on ECSS standards for execution of each project to ensure efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction. This involves the preparation of Project Management Plan for each project, which defines all project phases and divides each phases into work packages. Each project is managed by a Project Manager who generates Progress Reports for the customer at regular intervals. Project deliverables are controlled by a Quality Inspector before hand over to the customer.

The Callisto quality procedures and processes are geared towards continual improvement and are customer focused:
“Everything to do with quality starts and ends with the customer.”

Our Clients

Our clients enjoy a totally dedicated service, with flexibility to adapt to specific requirements. Callisto is a small company, recognised and listed as an SME by the European Space Agency. Since 1993, Callisto has worked in partnership with a number of major organisations in the space sector.

Steve Rawson
Director and CEO

Our Main Clients

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