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Callisto joins the SKA Organization

As part of a French consortium, Callisto joins the SKA Organization

SKA? The acronym stands for the largest radio telescope ever imagined. This international project of low and medium frequency radio telescopes plans to build  with a collector area of ​​one square kilometer. Coordinated by the CNRS, the SKA-France consortium has just become the 12th member of SKA-O, which is the  organization responsible for the feasibility study and design of the telescope project. The SKA-France consortium  includes five research organizations (the CNRS, the universities of Bordeaux and Orléans, the observatories of Paris and the Côte d'Azur) as well as seven industrialists (Air Liquide, ATOS-Bull, Callisto, CNIM, Kalray, TAS). Several French laboratories have participated in technical preparatory studies for the project, some since the beginning in 2012. Once operational, the SKA, or "Square Kilometer Array", should allow to perceive the traces of the creation of the Universe 15 billions years ago.

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