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Callisto is seeking to recruit an engineer to take charge of sales of RF products for SATCOM applications.  The ideal candidate should be qualified to degree level in a relevant engineering subject and have at least five years experience in the SATCOMs industry, of which two years in a sales or marketing role.  Reporting to the CEO he/she will be responsible for the commercialisation of RF products for ground stations which Callisto has been developing over the past five years. .


In order to improve the G/T of ESA Deep Space Antennas (DSA) by 2dB, a new cryogenic receiver will be developed in collaboration with the University of Cantabria.


Description :

Callisto est amené à développer une carte de contrôle pour un atténuateur RF digital. Cette carte permettra de régler le niveau d'atténuation de l'atténuateur. Cette carte devra aussi comporter une interface avec l'utilisateur (contrôle et surveillance).
Le stage démarrera par une phase d'étude puis se poursuivra avec la réalisation d'une carte prototype. Suivant l'avancement du stage et le niveau du stagiaire, une mise en boitier de cette carte pourra être envisagée.


Callisto is pleased to announce that the manufacture of the prototype of a new "Compact", zero maintenance cryogenic receiver including the Caltech designed QRFH feed has started!

This new RF receiver is being developed to meet the VGOS specification for VLBI. It could also be used for more general radio astronomy applications.
The design is focused on low maintenance, very low power consumption with Noise Temperature performance that meets the VGOS requirements. This is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment for telescopes all over the world but with particular interest for those operated in remote locations where energy costs are high and maintenance logistics is particularly complex and expensive.
The preliminary design work, de-risking activities and detailed design work completed in 2014 have produced good results with the completion of resistance and leak tests on a large vacuum window and cryogenic and RF tests that showed correct operations of the QRFH feed and LNAs at cryogenic temperatures.
The expected performance of the compact QRFH cryogenic receiver is confirmed but more importantly the de-risking work showed that the receiver can be operated at a better noise temperature than initially expected.


At the end of 2014 Callisto has delivered three additional X Band Compact maintenance free cryo LNAs.
These LNAs have 18K of Noise temperature between 8 and 8.5GHz.

To learn more on Maintenance free Cryo LNA follow this link


Following this link:


Images and Science already returned by the orbiter and the Philae lander are amazing!

The team at Callisto is very proud to be part of this European venture with the cryogenic Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) designed by Callisto and installed in ESA Deep Space Stations around the world.


Callisto is pleased to announce that the design activities have started for the prototype of a new compact, zero maintenance cryogenic Receiver including the Caltech designed QRFH feed. This new RF receiver is being developed to meet the VGOS specification for VLBI. It could also be used for more general radioastronomy applications.


Steve Rawson, CEO of Callisto gave a presentation on the  1st of July  during the Toulouse Space Show on behalf of Invest in Toulouse. He presented the advantages for Callisto to do business in the area of Toulouse since 2011 the date that Callisto moved to Villefranche de Lauragais.

Callisto will be attending the 4th Toulouse Space Show, important international gathering for space stakeholders, from 30th of June  to 2nd July 2014 at the Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis.
Benoît Fauroux, Business Unit Manager together with other staff members are looking forward to meeting you at our stand C28, where some of Callisto's product range will be on display.
We will be happy to share our experience  and show our products and applications.
Take advantage of the show to see our new line of products, join us at the Toulouse Space Show....


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