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Celestia UK, the UK member of the Celestia Technologies group, is running the e-Scan project focusing on Satellite ground Stations and Gateways, based on fully electronic scanning antennas for the (non GEO) satellite tracking stations market.

Celestia UK is developing a multi-beam and multi-carrier single antenna with no moving parts at all, capable of simultaneously tracking multiple satellites, travelling at high angular rates in any direction.

By design, this e-Scan Ground Station solution significantly reduces the installation, operation and maintenance costs of providing a Gateway service as it is a single device without  moving parts and  is capable of delivering the same capability as tens of traditional parabolic antennas with mechanical positioners, utilising a large footprint of land,  with the consequent  huge operation and maintenance infrastructure required.

With the support of CNES & ESA, Callisto is playing a key role in participating in this exciting development. Callisto is being relied upon to bring its heritage and in-depth skills in Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), through an ARTES C&G activity, where a customised MMIC will be developed and the receive antenna panels will be designed and integrated.  

Quote from CTG UK: “this is an important contribution in fundamentally new and innovative approach” and from Callisto: “a further illustration of Callisto’s ‘safe pair of hands’ when high performance and cost challenges are required within a challenging and collaborative project”


Above a figure of the e-Scan concept under development.