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Callisto’s 26GHz Ambient Receiver system to support Meteosat 3rd Generation Imager, launching at the end of 2022

We are very pleased to announce the deployment of a Callisto 26GHz ambient plate system in support of ESA’s new third generation Meteosat Imager. This new meteorological satellite, set to launch at the end of 2022 (on an Ariane 5 rocket) from Kourou in French Guiana, will revolutionize weather forecasting and enable more precise monitoring of the changing atmosphere. Callisto’s high-performance 26 GHz ambient LNA system, installed in an antenna at the Lario Space Centre in Italy, will enable clear and rapid transfer of data from the geostationary satellite orbiting at 36000 km.

Callisto specializes in the design, personalization and manufacture of high-performance Low Noise Amplifiers. Our solutions include customized wave guides, specialized redundancy systems and cryogenic amplification systems for optimal RF performance. Callisto’s Radio Frequency experience also extends to RF design consultancy, prototyping and wire bonding. Our Cryo experience equally permits us to offer thermal testing and cycling in our custom-built cryostats according to customer specifications as well as the design and manufacture of customized cryogenic test benches.

ESA’s Meteosat satellites will provide a continuous stream of images of the whole Earth disc, to monitor weather over Europe, Africa and parts of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

What is more, Meteosat’s Infrared imaging system (InfraRed Sounder), supplied by Sofradir (Lynred), contains lenses that were put through rigorous thermal testing in a cryogenic test Dewar, also supplied by Callisto to their manufacturer.

Callisto is proud to participate in this major project!

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