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Callisto signs with BKG

Celestia Callisto has signed a contract with the German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) to supply a new cryogenic receiver for their 20 m. radio telescope located in Wettzell, Germany.

The new receiver, equipped with a Sumitomo cold-head, is destined to replace an obsolete model that is no longer sufficient for the service’s needs. Callisto’s receiver will contain 4 RF chains (2 S-Band and 2 X-Band) in an “Ultra” type Dewar which is also equipped with its proprietary sleeve system for ease of maintenance and maximum reduction of down-time. This “Ultra” model Dewar is designed to operate at around 15K of physical temperature in order to make a significant improvement in the antenna’s G/T and thus greatly improve reception. Our engineering team is working closely with BKG personnel to ensure a seamless design, integration and commissioning process.


Callisto is very pleased to collaborate with BKG via this new installation.