Ambient LNAs Overview

Ambient LNA Product Overview

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K-Band 20GHz Waveguide LNA
Waveguide Ambient LNA

K-Band [18.2 - 21.2] GHz

1.65dB NF max (1.5dB mean)
135K NT max (120K mean)

48dB min

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Ka-Band 26GHz Waveguide LNA
Waveguide Ambient LNA

Ka-Band [25.5 - 27.0] GHz

1.83dB NF max (1.7dB Typical)
155K NT max (140K Typical)

43dB min

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Wideband Coaxial LNA
Wideband Coaxial LNA

Wideband [12 - 32] GHz

2.2dB NF max [19 - 28] GHz
3.0dB NF max [12 - 32] GHz

25dB min

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*Extended frequency ranges are available - contact us for the corresponding NT performance details

Product Category

Frequency Bands


LNA Redundancy
Controller System

LNA Redundancy System

All LNA band (S, X, K, Ka) Callisto is able to offer a solution for controlling RF
switching of LNAs for redundancy.
The basic controller unit is a 19” rack mountable
unit which contains power supplies and control
circuits for 2 or 3 LNAs together with the RF switches.
The design is modular and can be configured for the
customer’s requirements

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