Cold Head Test Service

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Cryogenic cooler test bench

Fast & Safe Cryocooler testing

for cryocooler performance validation (heat capacity map) and/or reliability test

Key Features:
  • Monitoring and Control software with recording and display of measured parameters (standard is 2 temperatures, power applied on cold stages (heat load) and vacuum)
  • Default accomodation: cold head vacuum flange ISO160, cold finger length 380mm
    • smaller/larger diameter and length can be adapted with custom interface plates to be designed by Callisto
  • 220V and 380V mains capacity (mono/tri)
  • Water cooling for the cryogenic compressor
  • Custom test profiles on demand

Customer Furnished Items
The Customer must provide the following parts of the cryocooler system (exceptions listed in this document)


  • Cold head (cryocooler)
  • Helium compressor
  • Gas lines (pair of)
  • Electrical cables between cold head and compressor




Base Operation Temperature Depends on cryocooler tested.
Experienced down to 8K.
Cold head Dimensions Standard: Vacuum flange ISO160, cold finger length 380mm
Option: smaller/larger diameter/length via custom interface plate
Test Enclosure Environment Vacuum 10e-5 mbar
Test Ports . 1 cold head port
. 1 M&C port
. 1 optional port for Customer dedicated signal
Thermometry 2 diode thermometers standard
optional: up to 6
Heat load capacity Electrical heaters
Standard: 2 heaters (1 per cold stage) with unit max power 50W)
Option: increased heater power to be defined by customer
External logging Software for M&C and thermal cycle management running on MS Win. 7 Pro
Dewar Material Aluminium

Callisto Cryocooler Test platform
here with a 2/9 cryocooler from Oxford Cryosystems (prev. coolers from Ricor)

Cryocooler Test platform
here with SHI (Sumitomo) model CH204S

Cryocooler Test platform
typical temperature measurement during cooldown and heat load test

Cryocooler Test platform
typical heat capacity map produced by measurement of a dual-stage cryocooler

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