Compact Cryogenic LNA

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Zero Maintenance Compact Cryo-LNA

Callisto has launched a breakthrough lower cost "Compact" cryo-LNA version using a zero-maintenance cryo-cooler.

The product has a proven track record in Space Communications and Radioastronomy/VLBI applications, with several units produced for ESA, CNES and Zodiac Data Systems (ZDS).

Key Features:
  • Maintenance Free
  • Plug and Play (no need for a vacuum pump)
  • Service Life > 10 years
  • Low Power Consumption (compared to standard cryo systems)
  • High Flexibility/Adaptability:
    • 1 or 2 RF channels
    • Common enclosure for the different frequency bands
    • From 2 to 40GHz
  • Compact System (55x20x20cm - 11Kg)




Frequency Band* and
(Noise Temperature - NT)
X‐Band [7.25 - 8.5]GHz (NT - <20K)
K‐Band [18.2 - 21.2]GHz (NT - 35K)
Ka‐Band [25.5 - 27]GHz (NT - 35K)

(Other frequency bands are available on request (S/C/Ku)).

Gain > 50dB
Cooldown Time 1.5hrs
Input Flange X-Band - WR112
K-Band - WR42
Ka-Band - WR34
Dimensions 557x172x214mm
Weight ~11Kg

Callisto Compact Cryo LNA (Single or Dual Channel)

Power Supply Unit

Key Benefits

  • Improve Antenna G/T
    • Increase Data Transfer Rate
    • Improve link margin

  • Reduction of Antenna Diameter
    • Antenna Cost Reduction
    • Reduce installation cost
    • Less susceptibility to high wind
    • Antenna pointing improvement
*Extended frequency ranges are possible - corresponding NT performance graphs available on request.

Zero Maintenance Cryogenic Cooler – Proven Technology

Callisto employs world leading cryogenic technology for its products and the Compact Cryo-LNA uses a light-weight, highly efficient and long-life cryogenic cooler. A Stirling-cycle cryo-cooler is used working at 80K, which combines the cold finger and compressor into one compact unit that can work in any orientation.

The cooler has been developed to serve various applications including mobile telephone base station filter cooling. It has been produced in very high volumes and for which extremely long MTBF performance has been demonstrated. Contactless bearings and seals are designed for ultra-long operating life.

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