Control Software Development

Callisto has significant experience in the development of software for instrument control applications both for the laboratory environment and for operational environments. Typical applications include test & measurement automation, data logging and surveillance systems.

Typical Applications:

Following are some examples of projects we have completed all using the National Instruments LabViewTM graphical programming environment.

Automatic Test and Measurement

  • Automatic ground station noise measurement system.
  • Automatic communications link performance by measurement of bit error rate.



Equipment Monitor and Control

  • PC based software application for continuous operational monitoring of the low noise amplifiers systems in operational ground stations.
  • Embedded software for equipment and instrument remote M&C.
  • Automatic LNAs status monitoring & RF Switches control for redundancy purpose
  • Watchdog/Safety function

Laboratory Test Systems Monitor & Control Software

  • Cryogenic test Dewar monitoring for logging during the evaluation of various components at cryogenic temperatures.
  • Automatic thermal cycling and thermal control.
  • Automatic test bench for RF instruments and noise measurements


  • Emulation of RF signal fading on satellite communications links.
  • Simulation of Doppler effects from low Earth orbit satellites.

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