Cryogenic Engineering Services

With over 20 years in cryogenic systems, Callisto provides a range of independent consulting solutions relating to the use of closed-loop mechanical cryo-coolers, in two main instances:
  • For brand new cryostat/cryogenic packaging design and builds.
  • For existing systems, providing design improvements and upgrades, similar to a "health care" plan for your cryogenic system.

Improvements to your cryogenic system that we can address:

  • Decrease the base temperature
  • Improve the temperature stability
  • Reduce the cooldown time
  • Reduce the vacuum pumpdown time
  • Improve the long-term performance and reliability
  • Reduce the energy consumption

Callisto can bring to bear its extensive knowledge of the selection of the best cryo-coolers for each application, the best ancillary equipment and the best cryo packaging components. These solutions have already been implemented and proven on our own cryo systems.




Design challenges that Callisto can solve include:

  • Cryo-Cooler Integration: Solving cryo-cooler integration issues for the best possible thermal contact and cooling power transfer.
  • Insulation: The application of very efficient, compact and robust MLI (Multi-Layer Insulation), to provide optimum thermal insulation performance, and which tolerate repetitive manipulations (for example where prototype or test systems must be re-configured quite often).
  • Thermal studies, insulation systems: upgrade or new design, simulations (ThermXL).
  • Vacuum design for thermal insulation: performance improvement (e.g. pumpdown time).

You have an old cryogenic enclosure and want to upgrade it with new cryo-cooler, or new mechanical interfaces or test interfaces?

  • Callisto can study new solutions dedicated to your particular situation.
  • Callisto has a cryo-cooler database from which to select the cryo-cooler best meeting your requirements!

In summary Callisto can :

  • Propose proven solutions from a knowledge base from over 20 years of client solutions.
  • Complete cryogenic systems design and build.
  • Advise on cryogenic systems "health care" (audits and upgrades).

For more information, pricing or custom options, please contact us