LNA Redundancy System

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RF Switching System for LNA Redundancy

Callisto is able to offer a solution for controlling RF switching of LNAs for redundancy.

The basic controller unit is a 19" rack mountable unit which contains Redundant power supplies and control circuits for 2 or 3 LNA together with the RF switches.

The design is modular and can be configured for the customer's requirements.

Key Features:
  • Remote and local indicators.
  • Automatic or manual switchover.
  • LNA power supplies can be built-in.
  • LNA fault detection for built-in PSUs
  • Redundant mains powered.
  • 19" rack mount chassis.
  • Controls RF switches for all LNA band (S, X, K, Ka).




Input Power Redundant 85-250VAC 47-63Hz
Dimensions 88mm(2U) x 483mm x 350mm
Weight 8Kg
Operating Temperature -20°C to + 60°C
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to + 60°C

Optional Features

  • 1:1 or 1:2 redundancy switching configurations
  • TCP/IP remote M&C port.
  • Redundant LNA power supplies.

Front and Rear Panels Views

RF Assembly
(with optional couplers)

Additional Components Features

  • RF waveguide transfer switches for LNA inputs (S, X, K, or Ka bands)
  • RF coax transfer switches for LNA outputs (S, X, K, or Ka bands)
  • Input waveguide sections and output coax cables.
  • Input and Output couplers
  • Control cables up to 55m length

Remote Interface

Remote M&C interfaces are accessible via a configurable TCP/IP address:

Typical 1:2 System Configuration

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