Low Noise Amplifier MMIC

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Low Noise K-Band Amplifier

Callisto has developed a unique, low noise LNA MMIC, ready for integration into a wide range of applications where noise performance associated parameters are critical.

The MMIC is based on leading foundry processes for InP HEMT technology, to deliver optimised Noise, Gain and Input/Output Return Loss performances.

Key Features:
  • NF<1.3dB
  • Gain>29dB
  • Chip size 2x2mm
  • Tested, inspected Known Good Die (KGD)




Frequency Range 18.2–21.2GHz*
Overall Gain 29dB min
Noise Figure 1.3dB max
Input VSWR 2.0:1 max
Output VSWR 2.4:1 max
Pout 1dB 0dB min
K Factor 3.3 min
*Extended frequency range available - refer to the "Typpical Measurements" image for the NT performance detail


Typical Measurements
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  • Telecommunications: Satcom reception systems, phased array antenna
  • Radar
  • Instrumentation

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