R&D Overview

World Class R&D For Your Unique Needs

Callisto has proven capability to undertake the design and development of specialist RF and cryogenic equipment.

Cryogenic Low Noise Amplifiers

Callisto has over 20 years of experience on the design and development of cryogenic LNAs for satellite ground stations, Radioastronomy and VLBI applications.

We have delivered over 50 systems and have two patents related to this technology. For more background on our cryogenic LNA R&D activities, please go to our Cryogenic LNA Development page.

For details on our commercialised Cryo-LNA products, visit our Products Overview page.

RF & Microwave Component Development

Callisto has developed RF & microwave components for both ambient and cryogenic applications:


Callisto has developed a number of simulators for testing and validation of ground station to satellite interfaces.

Noise Measurement Equipment

Callisto has developed equipment for the precise measurement of radio frequency noise using radiometry and of novel techniques.

For more details visit our Noise Measurement solutions page.



Development Facilities

Callisto's facilities include instrumentation for microwaves characterization including:

  • Vector network analyzer to 40 GHz
  • Spectrum Analyser to 40 Ghz
  • Electronic laboratory
  • PC based software tools and simulators

A cryogenic test chamber is also available for the evaluation and test of components at temperatures as low as 12 Kelvin (-261°C).

Software development facilities are available for applications such as test equipment monitor and control using National Instruments LabViewTM.