Radioastronomy / VLBI

Delivering Innovative and Cost Effective Solutions In Radioastronomy and VLBI Applications

Callisto is a highly specialised RF technology company, embracing some of the most challenging technical Ground Station projects for Radioastronomy applications, in the domains listed below.

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Associated Callisto Products and Services


  • Ultra sensitive signal reception (single of multi-band frequencies), amplification and transmisison
  • RF Equipment Solutions (Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers, RF Measurement and Control Software)
  • Cryogenic Systems

Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI)

  • Ultra sensitive signal detection (multi-band and wideband frequencies), amplification and transmission
  • RF Equipment Solutions: Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers (including integrated QRFH feed horns), Ambient LNAs (waveguide and coax), MMIC LNAs, RF Measurement and Control Software)