Ultra Cryogenic LNA - Wideband QRFH

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Ultra Cryogenic LNA with Integrated Wideband QRFH Feed

Callisto's ultra-low noise cryo-LNA system is available with an integrated wideband QRFH feed.

The product is positioned in particular for VLBI (Very Long Baseline Interferometry) and Radio Astronomy applications.

Key Features:
  • Very Low Noise Temperature
  • Wideband
    • From 2.3 to 14GHz* in one single receiver
    • 2 RF Polarizations/Channels
    • Feed included (CalTech's QRFH design)
  • Simplified Cold Head Service
    • Sleeve System
    • No need for receiver realignment to antenna optics
  • Optional Noise and Phase Calibration Components integrated in receiver dimensions
    • Calibration box is attached to the base plate of the receiver
    • Calibration box is regulated in temperature for Noise and Phase calibration accuracy


(Refer to our brochure for detailled specifications)



Frequency Bands

S, C, X & Ku
[2.3 - 14]* GHz

* The frequency band can be adapted to
customer’s needs

Noise Temperature

< 20K



Cryo Operation

Continuous (service every 10,000h)

Main Benefits

  • Wideband and Low Noise
    • One receiver covering 12GHz of bandwidth
    • Noise temperature < 20K over full band
  • Simplified Cold Head Service
    • No need for receiver dismounting from the antenna
    • No need for receiver opening for cold head service
    • No need for receiver realignment after cold head service
    • Very fast cold head replacement by spare (single operator, < 30 minutes with receiver at room temperature)

Callisto QRFH Ultra Cryogenic Receiver

Laboratory Noise Temperature measurement of QRFH system
("Ultra" receiver physical temperature will be lower and performance will be better than these preliminary measurements done in a laboratory test enclosure)

Sleeve System
(Cold head removal from a cryogenic receiver)

Ultra QRFH Cryogenic Receiver Preliminary Noise Temperature Measurements

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