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New Contract with BKG AGGO

Celestia Callisto launches a new project for BKG’s AGGO site in Argentina

The Celestia-Callisto team is very pleased to announce that they have been engaged to complete the refurbishment of the Cryogenic RF system of the AGGO (Argentine-German Geodetic Observatory) radio telescope in Pereyra, Argentina.

The 6m antenna, which is operated by a joint Argentine and German team, supplies amongst other things information for the VLBI world network. The new receiver shall amplify signals received in S and X band in order to improve data reception quality (lower noise temperature, so improved G/T). Powered by a Sumitomo cold head, the cryogenic system will descend to temperatures of at or below 20K.

The project requires on-site installation and commissioning support by the Celestia-Callisto team. We are very happy to be able to support our customers from A to Z and offer a quality of service in adequation with the quality of our products.