Ultra Cryogenic LNA

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--> See also our QRFH Wideband Ultra version

For Deep Space Communications and Radioastronomy / VLBI Applications

Ultra-low noise amplifiers are necessary for satellite missions where link margins are critical, for example for Deep Space Missions. The use of cryogenically cooled LNAs can provide improved ground station G/T at a fraction of the cost of increasing the antenna diameter.

The refrigerator used to cool the amplifier down to 15Kelvin, is designed for continuous operation with service intervals of more than one year.

Key Features:
  • Ultra low Noise Performance
  • Incorporate filtering for TX protection
  • S‐Band through Ka‐Band frequencies
  • Single or multi channel/bands models
  • Using Callisto's patented technology for vacuum and insulation performance
  • Can restart without vacuum pump after a power outage.
  • Simple and Quick Maintenance




Frequency Band* and
[Noise Temperature - NT]
S‐Band (2.2-2.3GHz) [NT - 10K]
X‐Band (8.4-8.5GHz) [NT - 11K]
Ka-Band (25.5-27.0GHz) [NT - 28K]
Ka‐Band (31.8-32.3 GHz) [NT - 30K]
Gain > 55dB
Cooldown Time 5hrs
Warmup Time 2hrs
Service Interval 13,000hrs

Callisto Ultra Cryo LNA Dewar (Single, Dual or Tri-Band)

Typical Installation Site:
ESA 35m Deep Space Antenna
*Extended frequency ranges are possible - corresponding NT performance graphs available on request.

Ancilliary Items

The system is supplied with:
  • Helium Compressor and associated flexible gas lines
  • PSU Drawer

Maintenance Aspects

The use of a sleeve design enables the User to replace the refrigerator without opening the sealed enclosure. The replacement can be carried out by the user after a Callisto training course. The down-time is reduced to less than 12 hours.

Available Options

  • Single or multi-channel/bands (up to 6 channels in 3 bands)
  • PC based monitoring system
  • Vacuum pump
  • Built-in test equipment for noise measurement
  • Input/output switching redundant configuration
  • Operations and maintenance training course / DVD

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