Cryogenic Component Tests

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With over 15 years experience in cryogenic applications, Callisto is able to offer high precision and cost effective cryogenic test equipment and services, for a wide range of applications and sectors. Callisto's Dewar (cryostat) designs serve the testing of RF, microwave, electrical, optical and mechanical components at cryogenic temperatures down to 15 Kelvin. Our Dewar solutions use a vacuum environment and closed loop (cryogen-free) mechanical Helium coolers.

Examples of components requiring testing are listed below, spanning the radio-astronomy, earth observation satellite, air-borne imaging systems, medical imaging and computing sectors:

  • Ultra-low noise RF LNAs, mixers, filters, connectors and components,
  • Superconductor (HTS or LTS) components,
  • Infra-red detector components,
  • On-board space craft instrument components (optical, radar and electrical),
  • Any electrical or mechanical component destined for use in cryogenic assemblies (e.g. imaging and medical instruments).

Test Service

Callisto's test service offer allows clients a flexible solution to evaluate the performance of components at cryo temperatures, priced on a per-test basis and thereby minimising capital expenditure. The comprehensive service includes:


  • Test planning, feasibility assessment, evaluation of test requirements and definition of needs for test jigs, interface adapters etc,
  • Provision of any necessary test jigs, adapters interface cables or transmission lines,
  • Installation of components to be tested,
  • Operation of cryogenic test Dewar and associated monitoring Equipment,
  • Conducting or assisting in running measurements on components,
  • RF instruments (Vector network analyser operating up to 40GHz, Spectrum Analyser, etc...)


The test solution includes the above described Dewar, cryo-cold head, cryo-compressor and high vacuum pump.

Key Features of this Test System
  • Down to 15K tests
  • RF components test(coaxial and/or waveguide)
  • Electronic components test
  • Up to 6 test ports
  • Small mechanical components test
  • Recording of temperatures and measured parameters
  • Tested component up to 400x400x120mm
  • 4 hours cooldown and 4 hours warmup time (typical, can be adapted to your requirements)

Test Dewar for your Cryo tests at Callisto


The re-configurable access ports include 2 large 80 mm vacuum flanges plus 4 standard KF50 flanges. These ports can be configured with hermetic connectors such as coaxial (SMA, K-type, N-Type, other), waveguide, electrical (DC), optical, etc...

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Need a system in-house?

Callisto has two standard Dewar (cryostat) test platform models (TD-s and TD-c), designed for the testing of RF microwave, electrical and mechanical components. The TD-s is a square format, suitable for long duration testing of components down to 15K, and the TD-c is a circular format, suitable for rapid, automated thermal cycling and batch component testing down to 25K. The two standard models are presented in detail below.


Callisto also manufactures bespoke Dewars for specific client needs, and can offer an in-house testing service (if the test specifications are compatible with Callisto's in-house platform).


TD-c Model

TD-s Model

Base Temperature

25 Kelvin (unloaded) 15 Kelvin (unloaded)

Temperature Control

Automated temperature Cycling and Manual Control Manual Control Only
(possible on-demand upgrade to automatic mode)

Cold component max dimensions

H. 140mm
L. 160mm
W. 160mm
H. 100mm
L. 300mm
W. 300mm

Minimum Test Duration

+60°C to 40K to +60°C
in typically <1.5hrs
~4 hrs cool-down time,
~4 hrs warm-up time
(using heating circuit)

Test Ports

5 ports Ø 80mm,
1 port Ø 30mm
6 ports Ø 80mm,
1 port Ø 25mm

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Test Dewar Systems


A full Test Dewar system (above TD-C, below TD-S) also includes high vacuum pump (inside the trolley), Helium compressor and Cryocooler, Power supply and M&C unit, Safety (watchdog) Unit, PC & Display, all in one rack unit.


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