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Radiometer System for Satellite Ground Systems Noise Measurement

Precise noise measurement in RF circuits is a technique, which Callisto has mastered by necessity through our work on ultra low noise amplifiers and receivers.

Callisto has developed noise measurement equipment for use in satellite ground systems. Typical applications include monitoring reception system noise temperature, antenna G/T measurement and antenna calibration.

Modes of Operation

The Radiometer system developed by Callisto has two modes of operation:
  • Total Power Mode (TPR) and
  • Noise Adding Mode (NAR)

The TPR mode is used when the highest level of sensitivity is required.


Noise Temperature Measurement

Total Power Mode

Noise Adding Mode

Noise Adding Mode

Resolution (dB) /
Integration Time (ms)
0.01dB = 10ms
0.005dB = 100ms
0.005dB = 1s
0.02dB = 10ms
0.01dB = 100ms
0.005dB = 1s
0.1dB = 10ms
0.05dB = 100ms
0.02dB = 1s
Overall Measurement Accuracy N/A 6% Rss 6% Rss



Range of Noise Temperatures X-Band: 100K to 200K
Ka-Band: 75K to 150K
RF Measurement Bands X-Band: 8400 to 8500MHz
Ka-Band: 31800 to 32300MHz
IF Measurement Bands X-Band: 540 to 640MHz
Ka-Band: 420 to 620MHz
Measurement Bandwidth X-Band: 100MHz
Ka-Band: 220MHz
Radiometer Unit


Callisto has delivered operational radiometers for:
  • ESA (European Space Agency)
  • ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation)

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