Compact Cryogenic LNA - Wideband QRFH

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Zero Maintenance Compact Cryo-LNA with Integrated Wideband QRFH Feed

Callisto has launched a breakthrough lower cost "Compact" cryo-LNA version using a zero-maintenance cryo-cooler, with integrated wideband feed (QRFH design).

The product is positioned in particular for VLBI (Very Long Baseline Interferometry) and Radioastronomy applications, with proven performances.

Key Features:
  • Maintenance Free
  • Plug and Play (no need for a vacuum pump)
  • Very Low power Consumption (vs standard cryogenic systems)
  • Wideband
    • From 2.3 to 14GHz* in one single receiver
    • 2 RF Polarizations/Channels
    • Feed included (CalTech's QRFH design)
  • Compact System (62xØ38cm; <30kg), including: receiver, cryocooler, compressor, heat exchanger


(check our brochure for detailled specification)



Frequency Bands

S, C, X & Ku
[2.3 - 14]* GHz

* The frequency band can be adapted to customer's needs

Noise Temperature

< 40K



Cryo Operation

Continuous, No maintenance

Main Benefits

  • Wideband and Low Noise
    • One receiver covering 12GHz of bandwidth
    • Noise temperature < 40K over full band
  • Zero Maintenance
    • Reduce maintenance logistics and costs
    • Ideal for operation in remote locations
  • Very Low Power Consumption
    • Reduce energy consumption cost
    • Reduce environmental impact
    • Ideal for operation in remote locations
  • Robust to operational constraints
    • No need for vacuum pump for coolodown, even after power cut and warmup!


System Overview
System dimensions

Callisto QRFH Compact Cryogenic Receiver

Prototype unit on VLBI Antenna (clic on image to zoom-in)

Prototype unit in RF test chamber

Prototype Compact QRFH Cryogenic Receiver Noise Temperature Measurements

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