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Cryogenic Test System - Model "C"

Automated, Fast & Safe Cryogenic Cycling

For components development and reliability test & validation

Key Features:
  • Down to 30K tests
  • RF, electronic, optical or mechanical components testing
  • Monitoring and Control software with Recording and display of measured parameters
  • Tested component sizes up to 140mm x 160mm x 160mm
  • System compatible with clean room (ISO5)
  • All included system: trolley, work table, electronic rack, PC, Safety system (watchdog) and M&C
  • 220V and 380V mains requirements
  • Customer must provide water cooling for the cryogenic compressor
  • Custom design on-demand




Base Operation Temperature <30 Kelvin unloaded
Dewar Dimensions H. 700mm x Ø 450mm
Inner dimensions of cold box H. 140mmx L. 160mm x W. 160mm
Test Enclosure Environment Vacuum 10e-5 mbar
Cooling Power 140Watts(@50K)
Mass 45kg
Minimum Test Duration +60°C to40K to +60°C in typically <1.5hrs
Mean Time Between Maintenance 10,000 hrs
Test Ports 5 portsØ80mm,2portsØ30mm
Thermometry 4 diode thermometers
External logging Software for M&C and thermal cycle management running on MS Win. 7 Pro
Dewar Material Aluminium
Cold Plate Material Aluminium
Accessories Support trolley(clean room compatible) and rack unit

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Callisto Test Dewar TD-c Model with Dimensions of H. 700mm x Ø 450mm

System Overview (clic on image to zoom-in)

Typical thermal cycles
(here 50 cycles 330--52K))
(T1 pink is target, other temp. are for information only)

Typical cold storage
(here 100h at 70K))
(T1 pink is target, other temp. are for information only)