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Product Spotlight - COMPACT

Our MKII Compact is a smaller, self-contained Cryogenic LNA that really packs a punch! Equipped with a Stirling cooler manufactured by Sunpower, Inc, the Compact can house up to 2 RF chains in a (much) smaller model.

This unit's size means it can be fitted into smaller antennae as a solo unit, or it can be mounted in a 1:2 redundancy scheme to ensure constant coverage (thanks to our in-house Redundancy controller and switches).

The Compact is also great in terms of #sustainability - upgrading an older S / X-band antenna to Ka-band has never been easier thanks to this unit, which ensures 40K of NT at the LNA (at 26 GHz). What is more, the Compact is practically maintenance-free meaning no down-time for your incoming signal.

Currently up and running in over a dozen ground stations all over the world, the Compact is an accessible, practical and sustainable solution for your Rx requirement.

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